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USA 1934 Ten Thousand Dollars In Gold $10,000 Silver Note Bar Proof 4 oz


Product Code: FC-S-OHB-1934-02
Availability: Pre-Order
Name of series
Metal Silver
Fineness (% purity) 99.9%
Content (Troy OZ) 4
Denomination (USD) $10,000
Weight (g) 124.40
Size (mm) 153 x 64
Year of Issue 1934 (current production)
Country USA
Quality Bullion
Package Sealed bag
Certificate of Authenticity Yes + color copy of a real $10,000 note
VAT or Tax will be refunded if charged in your country
Free Local & International shipping
Comes with a color paper-copy of a real $10,000 note for your collection.
The $10,000 Gold Note was issued in 1928 and 1934. They were mainly used for bank to bank transactions, but they were also issued to the general public for circulation. A gold note of $10,000 is a certificate of ownership that gold owners hold instead of storing the actual gold. Gold certificates were used from 1863-1934 in the United States as a form of paper currency. Each one gave its holder title to a corresponding amount of gold coin at the statutory rate of $20.67 per troy ounce established by the Coinage Act of 1834. Therefore, this type of paper currency was intended to represent actual gold.

The $10,000 bill featured a portrait of Salmon P. Chase. Chase was U.S. Secretary of the Treasury for the first three years of Abraham Lincoln's term, after which Lincoln appointed him to be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. In that role Chase presided over the 1868 impeachment trial of president Andrew Johnson. He also served terms as U.S. senator from Ohio and as governor of the same state. In earlier years Chase was well-known for defending escaped slaves, earning him the nickname "The Attorney General of Fugitive Slaves."
Your benefits
• High international collectible demand
• Appreciated in an investing in world collectible modern low mintage coins
• Beautiful coin to your loved one for any occasions or a great business gift

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