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Cook Islands Virgin of Vladimir by Luke the Evangelist $20 Premium Edition of Masterpieces of Art Series 3oz Silver Coin & 1/4oz Gold bar Swarovski Crystals Gold Plated Proof 2013

$2,469.91 Old Price: $2,599.90

Product Code: VO-S-MOA-13-03
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Name of series
Masterpieces of Art > CLICK TO VIEW THE SERIES
Metal Silver & Gold
Mintage 999
Fineness (% purity) 99.9 Silver + 99.9 Gold
Content (Troy OZ) 3 oz Silver + 1/4 oz Gold
Denomination (NZD) $20
Weight (g) 93.30g Silver + 7.78g Gold
Diameter (mm) 55mm (giant hand size)
Year of Issue 2013
Country Cook Islands
Edge Reeded
Quality Proof (Micro Grade Minting)
Exterior Decoration Detachable Gold bar + Gold plated ornament + 26 Swarovski Crystals
Package Icon of The Virgin of Vladimir + Special luxury Box-display + Two-Sided Transparent Stand Box-Frame + Booklet
Certificate of Authenticity Yes + Serial number on the coin and on the Gold Bar
High Quality VIDEO available for viewing below
Not subject to Import Duties and Taxes when Imported in your country - email us for more info
Free Shipping Local & International
✔ The Premium Edition of successful series "Masterpieces of Art" started in 2008
✔ Detachable Gold 999 bar 1/4oz with Serial Number
✔ 3oz of pure silver 99.9
✔ Gold plated ornament around the Crystals
✔ Effective design with 26 swarovski crystals
✔ Micro Grade Minting
✔ Including Icon of The Virgin of Vladimir
✔ Its uniqueness is guaranteed by the limited mintage of 999 coins
✔ Serial number on each coin (besides bar)
✔ Special luxury Box-display + Two-Sided Transparent Stand Box-Frame + Booklet
✔ The perfect gift for all coin collectors ar art lovers
The Theotokos of Vladimir (Greek: Θεοτόκος του Βλαντιμίρ), also known as Our Lady of Vladimir, Vladimir Mother of God, or Virgin of Vladimir (Russian: Владимирская Икона Божией Матери), Our Lady of Vyshhorod (Ukrainian: Вишгородська ікона Божої Матері) and "The Vladimir Madonna" - is a medieval Byzantine icon of the Virgin and Child that has been in Russia since soon after it was painted. It is one of the most venerated Orthodox icons and a fine and early example of the iconography of the Eleusa type. The Theotokos (Greek for Virgin Mary, literally meaning "Birth-Giver of God") is regarded as the holy protectress of Russia. The icon is displayed in the Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow in a former church in the grounds of the museum. Her feast day is June 23rd o.s. / July 6th n.s. Even more than most famous icons, the original has been copied repeatedly for centuries, and many copies have considerable artistic and religious significance of their own. The icon is a version of the Eleusa (tenderness) type, with the Christ child snuggling up to his mother's cheek.
Unlike some icons with a special following in religious terms the high artistic quality of the work is universally agreed, and the Vladimirskaya, as Russians call it, is generally accepted as the finest of the few Byzantine icons surviving from its period, and according to the art historian David Talbot Rice "is admitted by all who have seen it to be one of the most outstanding religious paintings of the world".

Your benefits:
• Extremely high international collector demand
• Highly appreciated in The Investing in Collectible Coins
• Present this beautiful coin to your loved one for any occasions or a great business gift



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