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About Us

First Coin Company, Inc. is a relatively new company founded by numismatic and marketing experts. Providing retail and wholesale numismatic and modern coins, for investing and collecting, to retail businesses and collectors is the primary goal for the company. First Coin Company, Inc. is active in developing business in the U.S.A. and in Eastern European countries like the Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

First Coin Company, Inc’s main concern is to provide their clients with a wide range of coin styles in significant quantities. First Coin Company, Inc. specializes in supplying numismatic coins for retail and wholesale in great volume. Our wholesale clients also provide customers with several thousand points of sale worldwide.
Our clients are provided with the most favorable costs because First Coin Company, Inc. is an authorized direct distributor/dealer more than 25 mints from around the world, including:

  • United States Mint
  • Australian Mint (Perth Mint)
  • Austrian Mint
  • Polish Mint
  • Mexican Mint
  • New Zealand Mint
  • South African Mint
  • Mint of Finland
  • German Mint (Deutsche Post)
  • Japanese Mint
  • Israel Mint
  • Royal Norwegian Mint
  • Portugal Mint
  • Slovakian Mint (Kremnica Mint)



A number of big suppliers in the numismatic world also make their inventory available to us. Through them, all other world mints can be accessed by us at the request of our clients.

Within a very short time First Coin Company, Inc has gone from small-time dealer to one of the strongest distributors of investment coins from mints of the world.

Not only are we distributors of numismatic products, we can also fill orders for custom minting for our clients. When a special order is placed through First Coin Company, Inc., the client is taken through the entire cycle of coin production: from designing and striking of the coin, to its shipment to the client.

First Coin Company, Inc. is not limited to sales of coins and their minting. Each client receives individualized attention to acquire their order in many countries in the world. Logistics of shipping and preparing an order include the preparation of documents for customs clearance and handing, insuring the shipment and hiring the proper courier to ensure the safety of the order and it’s on time delivery.  

Not only does First Coin Company, Inc. provide investment metals, in the form of international coins, it also provides consulting and marketing services to its clients. Working with clients, it helps them implement marketing and advertising campaigns to effectively target and promote monetary trends, provide educational training in the sale of coins, which includes training in sales, outside seminars, educational books and training materials, creating websites, etc.
Providing successful business solutions for our clients is the goal of First Coin Company, Inc. Asa major supplier of numismatic products, the success of First Coin Company, Inc. is directly tied into the success of its client base.

First Coin Company, Inc. will help your company become successful in the business world of numismatics and investment precious metals.


First Coin Company, Inc