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Tokelau Capricornus $5 Creatures of Myth & Legend series Silver Coin Year of the Goat Reverse Proof 1 oz 2015

$99.66 Old Price: $104.90

Product Code: TR-S-CFM-15-05
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Name of series
Creatures of Myth and Legend > CLICK TO VIEW THE SERIES
Metal Silver
Mintage 2500
Fineness (% purity) 99.9
Content (Troy OZ) 1 oz
Denomination (NZD) $5
Weight (g) 31.10 grams
Diameter (mm) 38.6mm
Year of Issue 2015
Country Tokelau
Edge Reeded
Quality Reverse Proof
Package Capsule
Certificate of Authenticity with a serial number
If Your order has had a Customs charge applied we will refund You the fee
Free Shipping Local & International
✔ Capricornus - the coin in new series "Creatures of Myth & Legend"
✔ The coin issued in five types of finish: proof, antique, colored proof, gilded proof, reverse proof
✔ 1 oz of pure silver .999
✔ The perfect gift for all coin collectors ar art lovers
✔ Its uniqueness is guaranteed by the limited mintage of 1000 coins.
Tokelau is delighted to announce the release of the next two coins in its Creatures of Myth and Legend Series. Taking as its inspiration the Chinese Lunar calendar, the series features animals related to the lunar year in its designs. As 2015 will be the Year of the Goat, the designs depict mythical goats – in this case Aries and Capricornus.
Capricornus the Goatfish
Capricornus, more commonly called Capricorn, has one of the oldest mythological associations, having been consistently represented as a hybrid of a goat and a fish since the Middle Bronze Age. In Greek mythology, the constellation is sometimes identified with Amalthea, the goat that suckled the infant Zeus and it is often identified as Pan, the god with a goat’s head, who saved himself from the monster Typhon by giving himself a fish’s tail and diving into the river.
Capricornus /ˌkæprɨˈkɔrnəs/ is one of the constellations of the zodiac; it is often called Capricorn, especially when referring to the corresponding astrological sign. Its name is Latin for "horned goat" or "goat horn", and it is commonly represented in the form of a sea-goat: a mythical creature that is half goat, half fish. Its symbol is Capricorn symbol 2.png (Unicode ♑).
Capricornus is one of the 88 modern constellations, and was also one of the 48 constellations listed by the 2nd century astronomer Ptolemy. Under its modern boundaries it is bordered by Aquila, Sagittarius, Microscopium, Piscis Austrinus, and Aquarius. The constellation is located in an area of sky called the Sea or the Water, consisting of many water-related constellations such as Aquarius, Pisces and Eridanus. It is the second faintest constellation in the zodiac after Cancer, and it is the smallest constellation in the zodiac.
Your benefits:
• Extremely high international collector demand
• Highly appreciated in The Investing in Collectible Coins
• Present this beautiful coin to your loved one for any occasions or a great business gift



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