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Palau BIRTH OF VENUS Botticelli Italy series GREAT MICROMOSAIC PASSION $20 Silver Coin 2017 Innovative Mosaic Technology Proof 3 oz


Product Code: PC-S-GMP-17-01
Availability: In Stock, ship in May
Name of series
Great Micromosaic Passion > CLICK TO VIEW THE SERIES
Metal Silver
Mintage 499
Fineness (% purity) 99.9
Denomination (USD) $20
Weight (g) 93.30
Size (mm) 65
Year of Issue 2017
Country Palau
Quality Proof
Exterior Decoration 5000 minted mosaic tiles; Serial number on the coin
Package Luxury wooden box
Certificate of Authenticity Yes + Serial Number on the coin and certificate
High Quality VIDEO Available for viewing below
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✔ The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli - 1st coin in "Great Micromosaic Passion" Series
✔ The perfect gift for all coin collectors and art lovers
✔ Serial number on the coin and Certificate
✔ The attractive design decorated with selective gold plating
✔ Embellished with multi-colored high quality printed decorations
✔ Pure Silver 999 purity
✔ Its uniqueness is guaranteed by the limited mintage of 499 coins
✔ Luxury new design box 
This extraordinary 3 Oz Silver coin is the first issue in the innovative “Great Micromosaic Passion” series, dedicated to mosaic art and to Botticelli’s masterpiece – the Birth of Venus. The coin features more than 5.000 minted tiles thanks to the Smart minting technology and comes in a mosaic tile shaped case, along with the Certificate of Authenticity. Limited mintage of only 499 pcs worldwide!

The reverse of the coin reproduces the beautifully coloured face of Venus from the famous painting by Sandro Botticelli, the Birth of Venus, struck with more than 5.000 tiles in exceptional high relief, to reproduce and empathize the extraordinary beauty of this piece of mosaic art in miniature. On the bottom-right of the reverse, the year of issue written in Roman numbers: “MMXVII” - 2017. The obverse of the coin features the Coat of Arms of Palau, surrounded by a beautiful decorative mosaic pattern. All around the obverse, the inscriptions: “GREAT MICROMOSAIC PASSION” – the name of the series, “GMP” – the abbreviation of the series, “REPUBLIC OF PALAU” – the issuing country and “20$” – the face value. Each coin is individually numbered on the edge.

Birth of Venus
The Birth of Venus (Italian: Nascita di Venere) is a painting by Sandro Botticelli probably made in the mid 1480s. It depicts the goddess Venus arriving at the shore after her birth,
when she had emerged from the sea fully-grown (called Venus Anadyomene and often depicted in art). The painting is in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy. Although the two are not a pair, the painting is inevitably discussed with Botticelli's other very large mythological painting, the Primavera, also in the Uffizi. They are among the most famous paintings in the world, and icons of the Italian Renaissance; of the two, the Birth is even better known than the Primavera. As depictions of subjects from classical mythology on a very large scale they were virtually unprecedented in Western art since classical antiquity, as was the size and prominence of a nude female figure in the Birth. It used to be thought that they were both commissioned by the same member of the Medici family, but this is now uncertain. They have been endlessly analysed by art historians, with the main themes being: the emulation of ancient painters and the context of wedding celebrations (generally agreed), the influence of Renaissance Neo-Platonism (somewhat controversial), and the identity of the commissioners (not agreed). Most art historians agree, however, that the Birth does not require complex analysis to decode its meaning, in the way that the Primavera probably does. While there are subtleties in the painting, its main meaning is a straightforward, if individual, treatment of a traditional scene from Greek mythology, and its appeal is sensory and very accessible, hence its enormous popularity.
Your benefits:
• Extremely high international collectible demand
• Highly appreciated in an investing in collectible low mintage coins
• Present this beautiful coin to your loved one for any occasions or a great business gift
palau诞生意大利venus botticelli系列伟大的micromosaic激情20美元银币2017创新马赛克技术证明3盎司



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