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Niger Mt TAZERZAIT METEORITE TAHOUA Silver coin 1000 Francs Premium Antique finish 2016 with Real Meteorite Stone 1 oz


Product Code: BD-S-MET-16-01
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Name of series
Metal Silver
Mintage 699
Fineness (% purity) 99.9%
Content (Troy OZ) 1
Denomination (CFA) 1000 Francs
Weight (g) 31.10
Diameter (mm) 38.6
Year of Issue 2016
Country Republic of Niger
Quality Premium Antique finish
Exterior Decoration Real Meteorite Stones
Package Luxury themed box
Certificate of Authenticity Certificate with a serial number. Also for thr meteorite
If Your order has had a customs charge applied in Your country we will refund You a VAT or TAX
Free Shipping Local & International

✔ Unique design with a real meteorite stones
✔ Legal tender coin of Republic of Niger
✔ Great true story of the meteorite please find below
✔ Premium Antique finish
✔ Extremely low mintage just 699 coins in the world
✔ Luxury themed gift box
✔ Certificate of Authenticity for the coins and separate certificate for the meteorite
✔Certificate with a serial number 
In the afternoon of August 21 in 1991 a fireball, followed by a huge smoke trail and a loud explosion, terrified a young nomad in north-western desert of Niger. The boy, seventh child of his father, a member of a local nomadic Tuareg tribe, was tracking a stray goat at the foot of Mt. Tazerzait in the north-eastern Tamesna, a pleistocene gravel plain in the Republic of Niger. It was the day of his seventh birthday.
Searching for the heavenly intruder, the boy found an impact pit, and in its centre rested an enormous black rock only half buried in the bright clay soil. What a spectacular birthday gift he may have thought. The next day the boy led his brothers to the site and they estimated the weight of the rock to exceed 200 pounds. They had no means to transport such a heavy weight, so they finally decided to break the huge rock into more convenient loads. During the following days the gang hammered the meteorite into more than fifty pieces, which resulted in approximately 100 kilos of meteoritic fragments in total, the largest weighing 30 kilos.

Your benefits:
• Extremely high international collector demand
• Highly appreciated in The Investing in Collectible Coins
• Present this beautiful coin to your loved one for any occasions or a great business gift



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