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Niue Island SPACE MINING $1 Silver coin 2018 REAL CHONDRITE METEORITE NWA 869 Antique finish Ultra High Relief 1 oz


Mint: Mint of Poland
Product Code: PR-S-SM-18-01
Availability: Order now, we'll request for you
Name of series
Metal Silver
Mintage 666
Fineness (% purity) 99.9%
Content (Troy OZ) 1
Denomination (NZD) $1
Weight (g) 31.10
Diameter (mm) 38.61
Year of Issue 2018
Country Niue Island
Edge Smooth
Quality Antique finish
Decoration Ultra High Relief; Two Real Chondrite Meteorites NWA 869
Package Wooden box and color package
Certificate of Authenticity Yes
If Your order has had a customs charge applied in Your country we will refund You a VAT or TAX
Free Shipping Local & International
✔ Each coin has two Real Chondrite meteorites NWA 869
✔ Ultra High Relief
✔ Pure silver 1 ounce
✔ Very low mintage of just 666 coins in the world
✔ Wooden box + Color package
✔ Legal tender of Niue Island (New Zealand Dollar)
✔ Certificate of Authenticity

Asteroid mining is the exploitation of raw materials from asteroids and other minor planets, including near-Earth objects.
Minerals can be mined from an asteroid or spent comet then used in space for construction materials or taken back to Earth. These include gold, iridium, silver, osmium, palladium, platinum, rhenium, rhodium, ruthenium and tungsten for transport back to Earth; iron, cobalt, manganese, molybdenum, nickel, aluminium, and titanium for construction.
Due to the high launch and transportation costs of spaceflight, inaccurate identification of asteroids suitable for mining, and in-situ ore extraction challenges, terrestrial mining remains the only means of raw mineral acquisition today. If space program funding, either public or private, dramatically increases, this situation is likely to change in the future as resources on Earth are becoming increasingly scarce and the full potentials of asteroid mining—and space exploration in general—are researched in greater detail. However, it is yet uncertain whether asteroid mining will develop to attain the volume and composition needed in due time to fully compensate for dwindling terrestrial reserves.
Your benefits:
• Extremely high international collectible demand
• Highly appreciated in an investing in collectible low mintage coins
• Present this beautiful coin to your loved one for any occasions or a great business gift
紐埃島太空採礦$ 1銀幣2018真正的球粒隕石隕石869古董完成超高浮雕1盎司


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