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British Virgin Islands ZEUS OLYMPIC Father of the Modern Olympics 150th Birth Anniversary of Baron de Coubertin $1 Cupro Nickel coin 2013

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Product Code: PJ-O-ZOL-13-02
Availability: IN STOCK
Name of series
Metal Cupro Nickel
Mintage Unlimited
Denomination (USD) $1
Weight (g) 28.28
Size (mm) 38.60
Year of Issue 2013
Country British Virgin Islands
Quality Prooflike
Package Special box
Certificate of Authenticity Officially did not issues from the mint

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✔ Unique design - ULTRA HIGH RELIEF coins
✔ Unlimited mintage 
✔ Unique presentation Special box

Baron Pierre de Coubertin, better known as the ‘Father of the Modern Olympics, was born in 1863. To commemorate the 150th Anniversary of his birth Pobjoy Mint has released an exceptional new Uncirculated Cupro Nickel coin on behalf of the government of the British Virgin Islands (BVI).
The coin’s design reproduces the image taken from the medal awarded to the winners at the very first modern Olympic Games in 1896. It features the face of Zeus, in whose honour the ancient Olympic Games were convened, together with his hand holding a globe upon which Winged Victory displays the traditional olive branch of victory.
Paying tribute to the Olympic idea that continues to inspire millions of athletes around the world these beautiful coins are available in proof sterling silver and uncirculated cupro nickel. Finished to an exceptionally high standard, as befits all Pobjoy Mint coins, adding these to your collection provides the perfect way to keep the Olympic spirit alive.
The Father of the Modern Olympics
Pierre de Fredy, an aristocratic Parisian, was interested in the link between sport and education from a very early age. Following a visit to Rugby, England, he identified how ‘organised sport can create moral and social strength.’ It was this approach to education that he felt the rest of the world had forgotten, and it was to be to its revival that he was to dedicate the rest of his life, leading to the rebirth of the Olympic Games. At the first modern Games, in 1896, he played a leading role before taking over the role of President of the International Olympic Committee. He remained an Honorary President of the IOC until his death in 1937.
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• Extremely high international collector demand
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顾拜旦$1白铜硬币2013年现代奥林匹克运动诞生150周年的英属维尔京群岛ZEUS OLYMPIC父亲

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