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Tokelau 5 oz NOAH’S ARK series Fundamental Stories of Bible $10 Silver coin 2021


Product Code: MN-S-NOA-21-01
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Metal Silver
Mintage 299
Fineness (% purity) 99.9%
Content (Troy OZ) 5
Denomination (NZD) $10
Weight (g) 155.52
Diameter (mm) 65
Year of Issue 2021
Country Tokelau
Quality Antique finish
Decoration High relief; Shimmering Colors
Certificate of Authenticity Yes
Serial number Yes (edge)
VAT or Tax will be refunded if charged in your country
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Noah's Ark is the vessel in the Genesis flood narrative (Genesis chapters 6–9) through which God spares Noah, his family, and examples of all the world's animals from a world-engulfing flood. The story in Genesis is repeated, with variations, in the Quran, where the Ark appears as Safinat Nūḥ and al-fulk.
Searches for Noah's Ark have been made from at least the time of Eusebius (c. 275–339 CE), and believers in the Ark continue to search for it in modern times. Many searches have been mounted for the Ark, but no confirmable physical proof of the Ark has ever been found.
No scientific evidence has been found that Noah's Ark existed as it is described in the Bible. There is also no evidence of a global flood, and most scientists agree that it would be impossible. Some researchers believe that a real (though localized) flood event in the Middle East could potentially have inspired the oral and later written narratives; a Black Sea Deluge 7500 years ago has been proposed as such a historical candidate.
Your benefits:
• Extremely high international collectible demand
• Highly appreciated in an investing in collectible low mintage coins
• Present this beautiful coin to your loved one for any occasions or a great business gift

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