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Niue Spring Magic Year of Happiness Gold Coin Swarovski crystals 2013


Mint: Mint of Poland
Product Code: PL-G-MAG-13-01
Metal Gold
Mintage 222
Fineness (% purity) 9999
Denomination (NZD) $5
Weight (g) 5g
Diameter (mm) 20.70 x 12.25mm
Year of Issue 2013
Country Niue Island
Edge Redeed
Decoration Three Swarovski Color Crystals
Package Golden pouch
Certificate of Authenticity Yes
Not subject to Import Duties and Taxes when Imported in your country - email us for more info
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SPRING - the FIRST coin in a Series (all information about the coin below the video)

This new Series of four collector gold coins is devoted to the Magic Calendar of Happiness.

The collection is designed in the form of interlocking puzzle pieces.
The coins are decorated with a unique design and ornamented with Swarovski crystals according to the colors of the months of each quarter of the year.

Each coin depicts an individual season of the year:
- SPRING with Floral motive
- SUMMER with Greenness and Butterfly motive
- AUTUMN with a Leaf motive
- WINTER with a Snowflake motive

Altogether the coins are united not only by the common ornaments of roots being the eternal symbol of Earth depicted on them but also the Magic Lunisolar Celendar

Gather a collection of four calendar coins!

Magic Calendar Series is the next step of doing a New Line of unique collector coins from Mint of Poland.
Right after Hot Fortuna Redux Cylinder coin that has a very high demand mint released in April the next unique coins (gold and silver) with very low mintage (222).
Mint call it "The Magic Year of Happiness". Gold coins Series includes 4 coins (4 Seasons) showing 12 months of Calendar of the Year through interesting design of nature and flowers and 3 color Swarovski crystals on the each gold coin.
Mint noticed that each crystal has a different type, so 12 types of crystals in four coins.
For example, blue crystal is January (sign of Loyalty), Yellow is July (sign of Protection) etc .
Magic numbers also showing in the weight of coin and face value 5g + $5.
If talking about legal tender, mint choose again Niue Island, because they have a good established business relationships for many years.
Finally you can realized that this coin has a following Magical numbers 5-5-222-9999-12
Looks mystically...)

5 - weight
5 - face value
222- mintage
9999 - fineness
12 - numbers of months and crystals

Additional information please read on the pictures/posters in the coin profile.

This coin highly appreciated in The Investing in Collectible Coins.

Present this beautiful silver coin to your loved one for any occasions!

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