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Belarus Don Horse 20 Rubles High Relief Colored Silver Rectangular coin 2012 Proof 1 oz


Product Code: IH-S-HOR-11-02
Availability: Special Order, ship in 7 days
Name of series
Belarus Horses issued 2 coins
Metal Silver
Mintage 6000
Fineness (% purity) 92.5
Denomination (BYR) 20 Rubles
Weight (g) 31.10
Diameter (mm) 30mm x 45mm
Year of Issue 2012
Country Belarus
Edge Reeded
Quality Proof
Exterior Decoration High Relief, Rectangular, colored, Protection against oxidizing
Package colorful blister with themes info
Certificate of Authenticity Yes
In case if your local customs will charge you any fees we will refund the fee.
Free Shipping Local & International
✔ The popular coin theme - horses
✔ Uniuque design - High Relief colored rectangular-shaped coin
✔ The perfect gift for all coin collectors and loved ones
✔ Its uniqueness is guaranteed by the limited mintage of 6000 coins.
✔ Protection against oxidizing
✔ Offered in colorful blister with themes info

Second coin from the "Horses" series. Don horses were made famous by the Don Cossacks, who between 1812 and 1814 helped drive Napoleon's troops from Russia. The first type of Don horse, called the "Old Don," evolved from semi-feral Russian steppe horses and Oriental horse breeds such as the Karabakh horse, Turkmenian, and Arabian that were brought to Russia as a product of Cossack raids. This horse was used as the foundation for the current Russian Don. During the early 19th century, the breed was improved through the addition of Orlov Trotter, Arabian, Thoroughbred, and Karabakh blood. During the second half of the 19th century, the Don breed was in high demand as cavalry horses.


The obverse is common for the whole series, which shows two galloping horses. Coats of arms of the Republic of Belarus, inscriptions in Belorussian language "Republic of Belarus", "20 roubles" and "2012", and the hallmark - "Ag 925".


Don horse on the foreground, on the background a picture of an officer of the Don Cossack army of the war in 1812 riding on a Don horse with a saber in hand. Inscription in Belorussian language: "Don horse" (in Belorussian).

Your benefits:
• Extremely high international collector demand
• Highly appreciated in The Investing in Collectible Coins
• Present this beautiful coin to your loved one for any occasions or a great business gift



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