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#0003 Tokelau ODIN - RULER OF THE AESIR Mythical series LEGENDS OF ASGARD Silver Coin $10 Antique finish 2016 Max Relief Minting 3 oz

$594.92 Old Price: $699.90
Notes: #0003 serial number
Product Code: CM-S-LA-16-0003
Availability: In Stock, ship in April
Name of series
Legends of Asgard > CLICK TO VIEW THE SERIES
Metal Silver
Mintage 1500
Fineness (% purity) 99.9%
Content (Troy OZ) 3
Denomination (NZD) $10
Weight (g) 93.30
Diameter (mm) 50
Year of Issue 2016
Country Tokelau
Edge Smooth with serial number
Quality Antique finish
Exterior Decoration #0003 serial number engraved on the coin; Max Relief Minting: 5mm thickness
Package Special wooden box + theme color cover
Certificate of Authenticity #0003 serial number (engraved on the coin and shown on the certificate)
High Quality VIDEO Available for viewing below
If Your order has had a customs charge applied in Your country we will refund You a VAT or TAX
Free Shipping Local & International
#0003 serial number (engraved on the coin and shown on the certificate)
✔ ODIN - 1st coin of unique mythical series LEGENDS OF ASGARD
✔ Max Relief Minting with 5mm thickness
✔ Each coin has been individually numbered on the edge and matching serial number on a certificate
✔ Its uniqueness is guaranteed by the limited mintage of 1500 coins
3oz Silver 999 purity, Antique finish and wooden box with theme color cover
✔ Official Tokelau Legal Tender

✔ Retail price protected by a reputable world coin distributors

(pronounced “OH-din”; Old Norse Óðinn, Old English and Old Saxon Woden, Old High German Wuotan, Wotan, or Wodan, Proto-Germanic *Woðanaz, “Master of Ecstasy”) is one of the most complex and enigmatic characters in Norse mythology, and perhaps in all of world literature. He’s the chief of the Aesir tribe of deities, yet he often ventures far from their kingdom, Asgard, on long, solitary wanderings throughout the cosmos on purely self-interested quests. He’s a relentless seeker after and giver of wisdom, but he has little regard for communal values such as justice, fairness, or respect for law and convention. He’s the divine patron of rulers, and also of outcasts. He’s a war-god, but also a poetry-god, and he has prominent transgender qualities that would bring unspeakable shame to any traditional Norse/Germanic warrior. He’s worshiped by those in search of prestige, honor, and nobility, yet he’s often cursed for being a fickle trickster. What kind of literary figure – let alone a god whose historical worship spanned much of a continent and several centuries – could possibly embody all of these qualities at once, with their apparently glaring contradictions?
In Old Norse, ǫ́ss (or áss, ás, plural æsir; feminine ásynja, plural ásynjur) is the term denoting a member of the principal pantheon in the indigenous Germanic religion known as Norse religion. This pantheon includes Odin, Frigg, Thor, Baldr and Týr. The second pantheon comprises the Vanir. In Norse mythology, the two pantheons wage the Æsir-Vanir War, which results in a unified pantheon.
The cognate term in Old English is ōs (plural ēse) denoting a deity in Anglo-Saxon paganism. The Old High German is ans, plural ensî.[1] The Gothic language had ans- (based only on Jordanes who glossed anses with uncertain meaning, possibly 'demi-god' and presumably a Latinized form of actual plural *anseis).[2] The reconstructed Proto-Germanic form is *ansuz (plural *ansiwiz). The a-rune ᚫ was named after the æsir.
Unlike the Old English word god (and Old Norse goð), the term ōs (áss) was never adopted into Christian use and survived only in a secularized meaning of "pole, beam, stave, hill" or "yoke".
Your benefits:
• Extremely high international collectible demand
Highly appreciated in an investing in collectible low mintage coins
• Present this beautiful coin to your loved one for any occasions or a great business gift

托克勞ODIN - 統治者ASGARD銀幣10美元古董完成2016年最大救濟造幣3盎司阿薩神族系列傳說

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